Direct Monetary Giving

The success of The City Center and its mission to house at-risk families in the Greater Ventura area comes down to our wonderful community, participating churches and the direction of our Lord. All of this takes money, however. Sometimes as humans we are loathe to mention our monetary needs. We do not have that luxury. To put it plain and simple – our mission needs money. Quite a bit of it, actually. 

So, we’re asking that you prayerfully consider giving, as a corporation or individual, a one-time or recurring donation to help us move our mission forward. Together we can house every at-risk family in Ventura County and change lives for Christ in the process!

Donating Investments

Are you Over 70½?

For those over 70 ½ who have an Individual Retirement Account, there are tax benefits for gifting some of your IRA directly to church.

• You must be over 70 ½ at the time of the gift.

• For the gift to be tax free to you, the gift must come directly from your IRA to City Center Transitional Living, not payable to you. Instruct the IRA custodian to send the funds to City Center. If you have an IRA checkbook, write the check payable to City Center.

• Charitable Gifts count toward your annual IRA required minimum distribution  (RMD).

• Although you do not get a charitable tax deduction, neither is the distribution taxable to you – which has the same effect. For those who cannot itemize their deductions for tax purposes, this is a better tax plan for donations.

• This rule does not apply to Roth IRAs, 401(k)’s, etc.

The City Center is also pleased to receive your donation of stocks, mutual funds, or other investment vehicles such as charitable remainder trusts.

For more information, please call John Exell 805.512.0952 or email him at

Sponsor a Room

The City Center Transitional Living currently has 31 rooms that are used to house homeless families, including a graduate unit that has officially opened its doors. One of the rooms houses a learning center so children who live at the City Center can get after-school help. There is also a room devoted to storage and case management.

The cost to sponsor a room for a year is $7,500. Rooms in the complex is adopted by a church, an individual/family or a business, with that sponsor responsible for maintaining it.

Interested in sponsoring a room? Please contact 805-628-9035 or email

Sponsor Testimonies

The kind, caring, and compassionate churches, companies, and individuals have stepped up to sponsor a room. The have decided in their heart to come alongside the faith community to make a difference in the lives of City Center residents. Click through the videos to hear their heart for the City Center

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